Fishing Tips

What you will need?

A great attitude, some luck from the King Neptune, and most important your favorite sun block.
You will also need to purchase a Mexican fishing license per day (16 and up need a license), or for the year, for everyone taking part in the fishing on the boat.
Licenses are mandatory and can/ will be purchased before leaving at the department of fish and game located in the Marina.
Please feel free to bring any extra foods or snacks you would like… including extra beer, water and sodas you can bring along or buy at the local store in the morning.
We supply everything else.

There’s nothing like sharing your Cabo fishing memories with friends and family. Preparing your catch for transport home is another service Minerva’s offers our clients. We’ll filet your catch and arrange for professional vacuum packing and freezing. Make sure to bring an ice chest (not a stytofoam one). If you forget one, just ask us and we’ll direct you to the right place to purchase one. Remember that no ice is allowed in your ice chest when checking in at the airport for your trip home. It’s best to pick-up your frozen catch just before you leave for the airport and a full ice chest will keep your catch from thawing longer than a loosely packed one. If necessary, fill the empty spaces up with dirty clothes, shoes or other items that can handle some moisture.

If you don’t wish to take home your catch, there are several restaurants in town and along the marina that will gladly prepare your fish in a number of ways and serve it up with side dishes. The prices vary but most restaurants will provide the service for about $7. Once again, if you need advice on where to go, just ask us.


Many folks contact us regarding what the various sport fishing catch flags that fly off the outriggers of boats returning from a day of fishing mean. Here are the most common flags you’ll see here in Cabo San Lucas.

dorado flagmarlin flagsailfish flagswordfish flag
tuna flagwahoo flagrelease flagtag release flag
Practice CPR: ( Catch , Photograph and releasse)

RELEASE ME GENTLY!! Cabo San Lucas Charters is proud to be an active Catch and Release Fleet for ALL billfish. We ask that you heed the advice of such notable organizations as The Billfish Foundation (TBF) and the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and practice catch, tag and release (or catch, photo and release) fishing. Give billfish stocks the chance to survive and remain for future generations of sport anglers to enjoy. Be open to learning new techniques that increase the survivability of released fish, like using circle hooks whenever possible.